Emerson Bottle Brush 5-Piece Kit Gold

Proudly made in the USA!  

Get started with this all-inclusive kit. The freestanding base secures the included handle. Comes with FDA-Compliant Lab-Tested Silicone bottle nipple cleaner and two brush heads. All guaranteed for 30 days. The use of our Emerson Bottle Brush™ transforms as your child grows. Perfect for baby’s bottles, cups, coffee cups and wine glasses, the five-piece Emerson Bottle Brush Kit features an elegant rust-proof aluminum freestanding base and weighted handle to keep the brush upright.
DOES NOT CONTAIN: Lead, PVC and Phthalates, Bisphenols (BPA + BPS), Flame Retardant Chemicals or Formaldehyde.
Note: The Emerson Bottle Brush Kit box is identical in size to our 10-pack of brush heads, making them the perfect combo for baby shower gift-giving. Treat yourself, or the parent-to-be in your life with a gift that will protect their baby and one that they will thank you for every time they look at their gorgeous sink area. 
  • Made in the USA

  • Minimizes Plastic Waste

  • Anti-microbial Bristles

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